Roll Your Window Down

This morning when driving to work I drove off I-35 to a road I often take when the traffic is bad. This path takes me through a primarily African American neighborhood and through the school zone of a high school. Sitting at the stoplight, I was listening to NPR, when I heard the beautiful sound of a soprano singing. My windows were closed, so I thought the sound was coming from the radio. To my surprise, the lovely singing was coming from the car next to me.  In the other lane was a nondescript white sedan with open windows.  A middle-aged man, totally entranced by the music, sat inside listening to the aria. An Italian flag hung from his rear view mirror. I rolled my window down and listened as we waited for the stoplight. The man and I never made eye contact, though I tried to get his attention. The sound of opera filled the air. A smile filled my face. It was a wonderful way to start the day.


I started thinking about the music we listen to and the joy it brings to our lives. Though my tastes are eclectic. I am sure I am like most of you, I have my favorites. What kind of music do you listen to when you roll your windows down? What song prompts you to roll your windows down?


Is it rock ‘n roll?


Jimmy Buffet?


Country and Western?




Or Tejano?

Whatever. Isn’t it great we have so many choices?

Roll your windows down and rock on.



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